Drumroll Named Voice Agency of Record by Thunderbird Real Food Bars

Press Release

AUSTIN, TX (February 21, 2018) – Austin-based engagement agency Drumroll announced today that it has been named Voice Agency of Record by Thunderbird Real Food Bars, the Austin-based artisan real food bar company specializing in bars that are both Paleo Certified and Vegan. The company offers delicious alternatives to “energy bars” without compromise, providing great taste & great health.

The long-term engagement reflects a belief shared by the two companies that voice controlled devices, systems and services will play a major role in how audiences will access information, learn and share, engage brands, shop and buy products, creating new moments for brands to show their value.

Kirk Drummond, Co-Founder, CEO and CCO of Drumroll said: “Thunderbird Real Food Bars are designed for people seeking to live a healthy, active lifestyle without compromise, and their leadership immediately saw the potential to extend this support through voice-controlled devices, often used in ways and places where phones and computers are not.”

The two companies have already kicked off their first voice-based initiative using a proprietary approach developed by Drumroll called Voice Experience Design™ (VXD). The approach marries a voice-specific process with internally developed skillsets, such as Conditional Linguistics, designed to enable brands to identify moments in which they can authentically engage, add value, support and develop customers using voice-based devices.

“Drumroll’s vision for voice-controlled devices goes well beyond the current crop of digital assistants and was an important factor in our decision to engage them in this growing area of opportunity,” said Mike Elhaj, CEO, Thunderbird Real Food Bars.

Drumroll believes voice control will take over for the role our hands currently serve when controlling the technologies that surround us and be a major disruptor over the next five years. In fact, according to ComScore, by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches. Gartner also believes 30 percent of browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020.

John McGarry, Chief Growth Officer, Drumroll said: “We think current projections for voice are conservative and expand well beyond web browsing and search behavior. That’s why we believe voice marketing and engagement represents significant growth for our clients and why we’ve invested time and resources into developing voice specific methodologies and skillsets. We are thrilled to be working with Thunderbird to get ahead in this space.”