Who’s getting the most brand love at SXSW?

Brand Love Score

For two weeks out of each year, brands, bands and films converge in Austin to battle it out for the spotlight in a beautiful, creative, overwhelming chain of events. It’s also the time when people express their feelings towards their favorite (and least favorite) brands the most, especially in social.

And we have a front row seat.

This year, we’ve created a new tool to measure the thousands of brand initiatives that go into the conference, live, as it all plays out. We’re calling it the Brand Love Score.

Throughout SXSW, we’ll monitor Twitter and listen to what people say about their favorite brands, bands and films. Our proprietary algorithm, built in-house, looks at the sentiment and impact of individual tweets and assigns a value to each message. These values are then processed for each brand to produce their Brand Love Score.

It’s a neat way to visualize who’s trending, who’s sliding, who’s winning and who’s losing.

All to help us determine which brands will move the needle enough to justify their efforts.