The Band Keeps Growing: The Taylor Edition.

The Drumroll family grew again, this time welcoming our new designer, Taylor. Having lived in two countries, six states and 14 cities across the world, Taylor is a global design powerhouse. She began her career at a print shop in DC and her portfolio spans a variety of clients from the Air National Guard, to New Belgium Brewery to The Maple Guild, eventually landing her at our doorstep in Austin.

Her design prowess is matched only by her acute fashion sense. Whether it’s 20 degrees or 120 degrees outside, you’ll probably see Taylor wearing a scarf (they complete an outfit, according to her). Taylor can definitely outrun you, as she is currently training for the Austin marathon. When she finally stops running, you’ll find her honing her lettering skills and blogging about the intersection of food and culture (what is the taco’s place in society?).

Drumroll couldn’t be more excited to have such a seasoned designer on our roster, and we’re looking forward to creating with her on a daily basis.

If you’d fancy working with Taylor (and the rest of the Drumroll team), check out our open roles here.