Voice Marketing Trends

Over the next decade, firms across the globe, (big medium and small) will have to develop a strategy to make their voices heard via voice marketing. Due to the voice assistants, the likes of Microsoft Cortana, Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa, future marketing strategies will face the challenge of enacting algorithms that will feature aurally on the target audiences chosen artificial intelligence platform.

These digital assistants, unlike the customary online search, will not allow for a range of results, there will only be one result to which your assistant will voice to you. They will come to be the consultive voice to ears of consumers, both awaiting and fulfilling their needs, and augment purchase decisions over time.

The focus of marketing will have to shift from the consumers to artificial intelligence, in order to stay relevant to the trends of voice marketing, which uses digital assistants as its main platform.

Branding in Voice Marketing

Many AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have come to be the voice between your agency and the consumers. Due to these assistants, the marketing trends of branded-merchandise companies are witnessing a change. The more that consumers use voice search the less pivotal visual and digital brand recognition becomes. This poses a threat to marketers’ brand voice. How can they not lose their brand voice to – voice marketing?

The future is voice marketing and it will ensure that your brand remains significant. Here are five steps to help you launch a voice marketing strategy:

  1. Algorithms

    In the age of SEO and PPC, digital marketers understand the function of data, however in this new age of voice, how algorithms filter through the data needs to be understood. This is the first step for marketers to embark on. The main question is how, Amazon’s Alexa, is going to decide to voice your brand over your adversaries.

  2. Brand Voice

    One major part of branding is the ability to define what makes you unique, and what will make you improve as a brand. The category to which your firm is placed in is dependent on both the consumers and the algorithms. This clarity is one of the trends of voice marketing. The searches will be categorized depending on whether the product or brand is relevant or not. There are some examples where the brand outweighs the financial value, e.g. Amazon, and other examples where the brands are irrelevant, e.g. chairs. Advertising brand awareness outside of voice marketing but through present marketing systems will be a good strategy for brands who focus on branding for category rankings.

  3. Balance

    As technology advances, you will see an influx of consumers online, however, it takes time for these new habits to kick in. In order to keep up with the consumer habits, caused by the smart assistants, you will need to regularly assess your ROI from branding endeavors. For the sake of your brand being picked by the voice assistant, you should be tweaking your method accordingly.

  4. Tracing Consumers To Your Voice

    Power. Brands are losing their power to their consumers relying on voice assistants to provide them with purchase decisions. But who are the brands losing their power to? There will be a surge in more voice assistants in the next couple of years, which will dominate the marketing world. The challenge that we will face is calculating how to adapt strategies so that the brand-voice is in tune with the future marketing channel.

  5. Scientific Marketing

    Algorithms are supplying consumers the answers to their queries or requests. Thus making voice marketing a sort of science. We will have to acclimate and start thinking like our fellow competitor, voice assistants.

Voice Search and SEO seems to be the next big thing: therefore, if your business does not consider implementing voice search into their marketing strategies they will fall behind. However, it is always important to work alongside experts, in order to understand the linguistics of not only voice search marketing but also smart device advertising. Here at Drumroll, we focus on branding and brand voice. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.