Legitimizing eSports on campusHelping Longhorn Gaming get the recognition it deserved.

Longhorn Gaming Rebranding Campaign

The men and women of Longhorn Gaming are total badasses. If we told you there was a University of Texas sports program that was consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally, whose matches could bring in an audience of 100,000, with one of the largest fan bases in the country, you’d probably assume they would be treated like gods on campus. Instead, you’ll find these gamers borrowing classrooms after hours to practice, and carpooling to regional events.

We thought it was time to give them the recognition they deserved, starting with a new brand identity and signature sound.

Seeing their new brand for the first time.

The passion within the organization is second to none, and when we revealed their new brand identity, their reaction was equally enthusiastic.

Getting the gear.

Wearing your team’s apparel is one of the best ways to show your support, but it’s often a challenge for local organizations to provide them, given high up-front costs and personalization preferences. To help, we partnered with several drop-shipping suppliers and created an ecommerce site so that anyone anywhere could represent the team the way they wanted.

Showing off.

With a new brand and gear ready to show off, we used a series of videos, posters and team photos to promote them.

In the making.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Drumroll + Longhorn Gaming created moments to celebrate eSports royalty.

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