Power shoppingBehind every great Macerich shopping mall experience is our custom-built digital enablement platform.

How do you (em)power 59 unique shopping experiences?

Macerich is one of the nation’s largest owners of premier shopping destinations. These malls, centers and outlets are located in some of the most populated, most affluent shopping markets, and each one has its own perks and personality.

In 2009, Macerich approached us to develop a content management system for all their property websites. Instead, we architected and built a fully custom data platform called Epicenter. Epicenter has enabled Macerich to create engaging shopping experiences across a variety of digital touch points, including individual websites and mobile apps for all their shopping centers, for years to come.


Websites and mobile apps powered by Epicenter
Annual engaged shoppers on the digital platform


The mall is an umbrella for retail relationships.

Shoppers don’t necessarily have an emotional connection with the mall itself. They’re fans of the stores, the brands, the restaurants inside the mall.

As the owner and operator of these shopping experiences, Macerich provides a tangible home for shoppers’ relationships with retailers. Macerich can harness these relationships to drive value and build brand love with customers.


Equip shoppers…to shop.

Powered by Epicenter, we can easily create digital experiences that span across the entire Macerich portfolio. Knowing the relationship between shoppers and retailers takes precedent, our strategy focuses on utility — helping shoppers get the information they need quicker and easier.


Letting shoppers choose how to engage.

The way shoppers are engaging with retailers — and malls — is constantly changing. Epicenter’s flexible data model allows Macerich to expand its digital platform, from site content to mobile maps, without adding complexity.

Since launch, Epicenter (which has evolved a lot) has powered two property site designs, two flagship property campaigns, digital map experiences and over 50 mobile applications.

And seven years later, we’re still evolving the platform and growing stronger.

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