Are you ready to go?
These students are.

The #ReadyToGo college campus experience.

How do you reach students and make a lasting impact? You create a launch pad event in their own backyard.

Together with our Microsoft clients, we created a nationwide series of interactive events designed to help students ready themselves for graduation and future success. This unique collaboration between Microsoft and LinkedIn created real value for the students and a connection with this young new fan base.

The #ReadyToGo experience:

Station 1:Swap selfies for professional headshots

Those college-life selfies may be great when in school, but not the best when kicking off a career. So we set students up with fresh new photos for their LinkedIn profiles with the help of professional photographers and hair and makeup stylists. This unique opportunity made the wait in line worth it, but we were just getting started.

Station 2:Meet the resume pros

First impressions are lasting impressions, and that’s certainly true when it comes to students starting their career (even with that great headshot). We paired students with experts from LinkedIn to help those profiles – and resumes – shine bright. These hands on, 1×1 sessions gave students advice they can use for years to come.

Station 3:Say it. Do it.

Our research showed that simply writing down a goal dramatically increases the likelihood it will happen. Even more so when you state the goal to others. We invited students to confirm to themselves, and the world, they’re ready to make a big impact. When the event was over, the board overflowed with readiness, making it clear the impact these students will have.

Station 4:A little fun goes a long way

Career prep can take a lot out of you so we encouraged students to kick back in our Xbox lounge for some quality game time. And when they were ready to wrap up their experience, they left with some sweet, retro-style Microsoft swag. #BrandLove.

Designed with scalability in mind, this experience made an incredible impact on students and campuses across the country. By bringing together the strengths and passions of Microsoft + LinkedIn with those of students, we created a genuinely valuable experience for everyone involved and a chance to build even more brand love.

In the making.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Drumroll + Microsoft created moments that celebrate #ReadyToGo.

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