How do you connect a brand with their customers for the first time?

When we started working with Microsoft store, we quickly realized their social program was far behind the competition. Not to mention the fact that the Microsoft store brand was only two years old and had virtually no customer awareness. Challenge accepted.

With Drumroll as their Social Media Agency of Record, Microsoft store saw record revenue, online engagement and in-store traffic within the first year. Our program strategy, execution and analysis exceeded its goals every year after that, too.


Record Revenue
Triple-Digit Revenue Growth Year After Year
Industry Leaders
Surpassed the Competition in Fan Engagement & Industry Benchmarks

InsightFinding something in common.

Sure, there were plenty of technophiles connected with Microsoft store, but many of our friends and followers were just fans of their products — and different ones at that. We needed to talk to gamers, professionals, students and parents in the same spaces.

Using a combination of demographic research and content analysis, we developed robust sets of audience segmentation personas. What tied it all together? Our personality.

StrategyWe’re smart. But not stuck up.

By the being the smart (yet approachable) nice guy in the tech space, we helped Microsoft store reach fans from all backgrounds. The brand voice we developed, “Delightfully Smart,” was relatable and distinguishable. We wanted fans to feel like we were right there with them.

By taking a step back, understanding our client’s goals and listening to what their fans were asking for, we were able to establish Microsoft store as not only a leader in the social space, but as a popular destination in the social space too.

ExperienceReal moments. Real Microsoft.

Across several social channels and campaigns, fans experienced a personal, insightful and human Microsoft — removing the veil behind the brand. We showed their fans how to make the most of the products they loved and built a community for Microsoft advocates both online and offline.

We’re not only great to work with but we’re also fun to talk to.
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