Together we ROARCreating a brand that became the pride of the pride.


The computer gaming industry has historically been male-dominated, especially in the growing arena of Esports. But the visionary founder of Women of Esports, Saira Mueller, saw an opportunity to bring awareness to the challenges women face in the industry and build a platform for change, using communities and mentorship programs that elevate women in the Esports industry.

Core Capabilities

  • Audience research and insight
  • Engagement strategy
  • Brand DNA development
  • Brandmark and design system development

How it started:

The creation of the Women of Esports organization stuck a nerve with women in the gaming community. With the WoE community growing rapidly, leadership realized they needed a formal brand identity to unify the community and make it clear they mean business. We set out to create a brandmark that not only reflected our unique and passionate audience but also stood for something bigger than the brand itself.

What we did:

Working together with the WoE team, we created a brandmark and platform that was as impossible to ignore as the people behind the initiative. At the heart of the brand is the Lioness – strong, proud and forward looking – standing as an icon of female empowerment, community strength and representing the core values of WoE. Both badge and beacon, she says to women gamers, together we roar. Moving outward, each branding element is designed to reflect the uniqueness of the community using color, character and content.

Behind the scenes

The work we all see in the end is but a glimpse of the full story. Having fun, pushing the limits and being exceptionally nimble to adapt to the realities of our clients’ business are always part of the journey. Here are a few behind-the-scenes moments from this project’s journey.


Although we had several success metrics at which we were aiming, the most important and challenging was the endorsement of the Women of Esports community. On the day of the launch of the new brand, the results were clear – the WoE community loved it! See for yourself.

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